Flies Control

Flies are definitely a nuisance to a neighbourhood and a business. The presence of flies often indicates unclean conditions with poor sanitation and waste disposal. No one would like to encounter flies, let alone a whole swarm of them. An infestation of flies has been becoming more common around Singapore, especially when Singapore grows and becomes even more densely populated. The infestation of flies is quick as the population of flies can multiply exponentially within a brief period of time.

Flies not only pose as a nuisance, but they also pose a threat to the health and the general well-being of society. Flies collect pathogens on their legs and mouth as they always live in a filthy environments. Hence, flies would be able to transmit these communicable diseases from one household to another. Such diseases include cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, salmonella etc.

The most common fly species that can be found in Singapore are Housefly, Flesh Fly, Blow Fly, Sewer Fly, Phorid Fly, Fruit Fly and Dung Fly.

Management Strategies



Residual Spraying

ULV Misting

Trapping with Ultraviolet (UV) Insect Light Trap

Preventive Measures

Maintain a high standard of sanitation and housekeeping.

Block fly entry points.