Rodents Control

Rodents are definitely the number one pest that people do not want to live with. Not only they are unsightly, but they also pose a significant threat not just to your home appliances but also to your health. Some diseases that could be spread by them include Salmonella and Leptospirosis. Rodents also carry fleas which could pose potential problems to your domestic pets.

To exterminate rodents effectively, it is important to know their behaviour and habits. Listed below are some interesting facts about rodents.

Once you spot signs of rodent infestation such as a live or dead rodents, droppings, gnaw marks or footprints, do call us immediately! Immediate extermination is required! Do not dismiss it as it could make the situation worse and more difficult to resolve in the future.

Management Strategies



Thermal Imaging Camera Inspection

Rats was detected inside the burrow using Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Image

Visible Light Image

Rats were detected running around in the dark with Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Image

Visible Light Image

Borescope Camera Inspection


Rodenticide Baiting & Dusting


Preventive Measures

Maintain a high standard of sanitation and housekeeping.

Block rodent entry points.