Bees, Hornets and Wasps are dangerous pests and pose a significant threat to people living in their surroundings. They are territorial in nature and would attack anyone if they sense a potential threat to them or to their nest. Moreover, some of their stings are poisonous. If not treated immediately, one’s life could be in danger.

Management Strategies



Hive and the swarms of bee/hornet/wasp are killed and sprayed immediately with aerosol and followed by a residual insecticide. The hive is then removed once the colony is eliminated.

Preventive Measures

  • Clean up food and drink refuses.
  • Keep garbage can and dumpster lids tightly closed. Empty and clean them regularly.
  • Avoid sitting/standing near garbage cans, fallen fruits, sugar-rich plants, and other bees/hornet/wasp feeding areas.
  • Remain calm and move away slowly without swating when encounter bees/hornets/wasps.
  • Avoid using sweet-smelling perfumes/hair sprays in bee/hornet/wasp prone areas.

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