SaiRen.SG is the latest introduction of Bird Deterrent Tool which supersede other tools with its simple built factors that have been proven to maintain its deterrent effect where other tools failed to do so.

SaiRen.SG has a low profile built that is 60mm diameter with 7mm height which concealed its visibility when placed on. This concealment is meant to create deterrent that does not change the building structure and looks. The container dish is made of clear polyethylene plastic which is light weight and does not create falling hazards.

Profile of SaiRen.SG

  1. An environment-friendly bird deterrent tool made from natural food additives.
  2. It has various types and thus can be set according to field and habitats.
  3. It has been tested and proven with great results and efficacy.
  4. SaiRen.SG preserved the looks and beauty of buildings and structures when placed.

SaiRen.SG is made from environment-friendly food additives harmless to birds, human beings, plants, soil and the environment.

Management Strategies