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Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance when they leave itchy bites on our skin or disturb us when they fly close to our ears. They are also deadly and are responsible for spreading diseases such as dengue fever, zika, Chikungunya and malaria.  The three most common mosquitoes found in Singapore are:

  • Aedes spp. – They are appeared in black and white stripes. They breed in unpolluted stagnant water, normally rest outdoor. The peak biting time is at dusk and dawn.
  • Anopheles spp. – They have spots on their wings. Active at night. Adult females usually bite and oviposit at night.
  • Culex spp. – They are appeared in dull brown colour. They breed mainly in polluted stagnant water, normally rest indoor. They bite throughout the night.

The life cycle for most of the mosquito species are within 1-2 weeks. Thus, weekly mosquito control is always strongly recommended.

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